Choosing A Kitten

Choosing A KittenThey are such delightful cuddly creatures that unless you are set on owning a pedigree cat, you are likely to fall for the first appealing kitten seen in a pet shop window.

Those of you who would prefer one of the fifty odd recognized breeds should go to a reputable breeder. Their names and addresses may be found, together with advertisements of pedigree kittens for sale, in the weekly magazines Fur and Feathers.

Whatever kind of kitten you choose it should be between eight and nine weeks old, as by then it will have been weaned and house-trained by its mother. Make sure that your kitten has all its milk teeth and healthy pink gums; bright and wide open eyes, and a cool and moist nose. Never choose a kitten that seems nervous or unfriendly, or one that has a runny nose, dribbles at the mouth or breathes in a jerky or uneven manner. The inside of the ears should be clean and the fur silky, without bare patches, sores or scabs.

When deciding on a breed remember that long-haired cats need daily combing, while the short-haired ones can be groomed just twice a week.

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