Wooden Toys Are Great Baby Gifts

Wooden Toys Baby GiftsStill wondering what baby gift you can give to your child, to your niece, or to your friend’s son? The solution is very easy. You can go with books, cribs, clothes, and other stuff. But if you truly want to make children’s childhood really memorable and special, give them toys. With that being said, give them toys that would really stay with them throughout their childhood. If you are still wondering what type of toys that will definitely last a whole childhood, one word: WOOD.

Wooden toys are perfect presents for a baby shower gift, a birthday or a simple family get-together. One reason is the nonexistent threat of toxicity that is ever present in toys made of plastic and metal. Toxicity is big concern when picking toys for infant and toddlers, as they would tend to chew on their toys for long periods of time, especially teething babies. Another upside in picking wooden toys for children is that you can actually have it modified according to your specification. A wooden doll house or a wooden horse with matching names of its owners is great ideas for a personalized baby gift.

Durability is also a good reason why you should pick wooden toys over metal and plastic ones. Plastic toys are easily open to wear and tear damage and metal toys are vulnerable to bending, twisting, and moisture, which can cause rust. Rust can cause serious health problems. On the other hand, wooden toys are easy to maintain and with a little care and polish, they can last an entire childhood and can be preserved to be handed down to the next generation. What great gift can a parent give than a toy that has been with him or her during their childhood.

Say you have decided on making a wooden toys as part of your baby gift basket, there are certain things you need to look out for before making a purchase and give to a child. For one, make sure that what you pick does not have any removable sections or parts that can be a choking hazard. Toddlers have a penchant for wild and active imaginations, so pick wooden toys that aids them in this department. Toys such as wooden horses and cars, dolls and doll houses, and a few others fire up the imagination of young children. Such type of play also goes well with the cognitive, motor, and emotional development of children.

Always keep in mind that play will always be an essential part of person’s childhood, as most of the important lessons and skills are learned during this phase. It is during this stage they learn to explore the world around them learning to express themselves, and learn to bond with their families and with other children. Wooden toys provide features that really help children make most out of this stage in their lives. Durable, safe, and possessing the aspect of craftsmanship, wooden toys simply ranks as one of the best gift ideas one any person can give to children.

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