Sitting Up

Child Sitting UpThe day your child sits up, he has achieved something big. His horizon becomes larger and this too is not achieved in a day. You prop him up with pillows and cushions, but he is not ready for it yet. Remember, you cannot hasten his development. You will have to wait till the particular part of his brain responsible for that function matures.

At first, he is a bit wobbly on his bottom and rolls over every now and then. Then he can sit supporting himself with one hand and hold a toy in the other.

By six to eight months, he has let go of both hands and is sitting and surveying the world around and playing with blocks or a rattle. Soon he can pivot around on his bottom and yet remain steady. Remember the time when he was lying down and kept his head either on the right or left. Gradually that part of the head became rather bald and also began to look a little flatter.

Mothers and grandmothers devise all kinds of pillows and rings to support the baby’s head. All that is unnecessary. Once he learns to sit up, the head will become beautifully round again and the hair will come back too.

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