Signs To Watch Out For

Pregnant Signs To WatchMaya cannot forget her first pregnancy. She was young and careless. She preferred to go shopping than go for her regular checkup. She hated staying at home when her husband was away at work. But all this took its toll on her baby. In her ninth month, she realised that her baby was not moving. A trip to the doctor confirmed that her baby was no more. It had died in the uterus. Apparently, Maya had exerted herself a little too much and delayed reporting to the doctor, he said.

If you are pregnant, watch out for these signs

  • High fever – more than 38 degree Celsius or 100.5 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Any bleeding or blood stained discharge from the vagina.

  • Severe nausea accompanied with vomiting (more than three times in an hour) leading to dehydration.

  • Sudden appearance of swelling on hands, feet and face.

  • If you don’t feel the baby’s movement for couple of hours or the baby is moving very slowly or the baby is moving continuously (normal average movement is 10-12 movements per day.)

  • Prolonged severe headache.

  • Dimness or blurring of vision, especially if you see spots or wavy lines before your eyes.

  • Watery discharge from the vagina.

  • Severe abdominal pain.

  • Frequent urge to pass urine accompanied with a burning sensation.

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