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MotherShreya is a mother of two young kids. She successfully juggles her career with household chores and exclusive time for her kids. Then there’s Neha, whose 16-year-old daughter’s dance and coaching classes and long PTA meetings ensure she’s always on the go. A mother and a grandmother, Parvati is usually busy with her social work. No matter what the age group, there’s one woe plaguing all mothers: They have no time for themselves! So, this Mother’s Day, we go to the experts to chalk out a beauty regime for them…

Quick Fix

Moms with toddlers need quick solutions. “A pick me-up face mask is ideal for them,” says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain. It leaves your skin clean and glowing. Another way to cleanse the skin is to mix honey with egg white and apply it on the face. Wash it off with water after 20 minutes. Young moms can also give their skin a compress with cotton wool pads soaked in chilled rose water. Those who have an hour to spare can go in for body firming massage with fresh apricot scrub and warm milk, recommends Vandana. This is especially good for new moms, who need to take care of loose skin and de-stress. Spa manager Megha advises moms with toddlers to get a back massage at least once every three weeks, since they have to bend down often.

Tone Down

Skin toning, cleansing and delaying signs of aging is a must for every mother with a teenager. “In the morning, before your bath, take a few minutes to cleanse and tone the skin,” says Husain. You can keep a cleanser and cotton wool in the bathroom to save time. Soak cotton wool in rose water. It is extremely refreshing and reviving. Wipe and pat your face briskly with it. A face mask is the prefect way to reduce age lines. “Pedicures are a must. You don’t want to embarrass your teenager by showing up in public with cracked heels,” adds Roy. Experts also recommend going for morning walks, taking up yoga and Pilates. Make the most of the time when your teenager is at school or coaching classes and go in for relaxing spa sessions.

Age Cage

As years go by and your kids get older, it becomes all the more vital to care for your skin and ward off those wrinkles. “Apply pure almond oil sparingly around eyes and massage gently for one minute using only the ring finger,” says Husain. Those who suffer from puffy eyes can use tea bags. Next, come the hands. Take two tablespoons of granulated sugar and add a few drops of oil and lemon juice just before application. Take this mixture on your palms and rub your hands together till the sugar dissolves. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off with water. Another problem area is extremely cracked heels. “Paraffin pedicures are perfect for women with cracked heels,” says Roy.

So, mommies, just follow these tips and always look your best.

Makeover Moves

Makeup tips and tricks for mummies…

  • Young Mothers — Use a good concealer for the under-eye dark spots and circles. Accentuate eyes with a liner or eye pencil. On lips use bright reds, fuchsia or hot pink.

  • Mothers with teens — Go for something subtle yet creative. Apply a pre-base and use less foundation. Use an eyeliner on the upper lid and earthy tones or a light pink on the lips. In the evening add shimmer on the cheeks.

  • Grandmothers — Nude makeup suits older women the best. Light foundation, transparent lip colour and a simple eye pencil works best.

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