Heartburn During Pregnancy

Woman HeartburnHeartburn is caused by the uterus pushing against the stomach, forcing acid into the oesophagus.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while planning a diet for yourself.

  • Lemonade or ‘nimbu paani’ with honey makes a refreshing drink at any time of the day.

  • Try eating small but frequent meals. Do not be on an empty stomach for long.

  • You can have fruit juices, but sip slowly.

  • Ginger, a versatile flavouring agent, is very healthy and beneficial, too. Then there is aniseed (saunf), which is a great refresher, but too much of it may lead to constipation. Indian gooseberry (amla) could also be useful.

  • You will have to curb your spice intake since spicy foodstuff react with the stomach lining, thus adding to your discomfort.

  • Avoid sour creams and curds as they may cause heartburn.

  • Mint (pudina) in all its forms is very healthy. Try homemade mint chutney, it tastes great with anything. You could have refreshing mint tea or add it to lemonade. Make a rejuvenating concoction of mint tea and ajjwain and have it twice or thrice a day.

  • Honey is an excellent sweetener, so avoid white sugar as much as possible.

  • Roasted cumin seeds (shikanjvi or bhunha zeera) acts as a diegstive.

  • Have plenty of sprouts as they are high in protein and take care of your energy levels.

  • Your intake of raw food should be high so that you get enough roughage.

  • If you are fond of jams, try to make your own at home. Indian gooseberry makes for a mouth-watering jam. Children too will enjoy it.

  • As you grow older, try to avoid tomatoes as its seeds invariably filter into the gall bladder to form stones. But if have to have tomatoes, take care to deseed them.

  • Try and eat wholewheat bread as this creates roughage. Bread made from corn flour (maida) leads to constipation.

  • Eat plenty of fermented foods like idli as yeast, with its high levels of vitamin B, is good for the digestive system. You could also try fermented flour (khameera).

  • Cucumber is a good source for fluids. But it may not suit everybody. Check with your doctor before taking it in large amounts.

  • Shift to soyabean milk and tofu.

  • Sweet potatoes are very high in vitamins and minerals. You can make a porridge (kheer) from them or make a salad after roasting them.

  • Bananas may not be too healthy as they can cause constipation.

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