Headache During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman HeadacheA minor complaint during pregnancy, fortunately headache is not a very common problem. Though headaches during pregnancy are not very different from the ones that happen to non-pregnant women, the frequency and intensity is much higher in the former.

Some women complain of severe headaches during the first trimester when they are going through the initial phase of nausea and vomiting.

Surprisingly, however, women with a history of migraine may get less number of attacks during pregnancy.

Pregnant women with a high blood pressure have severe headaches, accompanied by change of vision, irritability and vomiting. But, it cannot be relieved with paracetamol, the drug that is usually prescribed for any kind of pain or fever during pregnancy.

You will need professional attention.

But, if the portion above your eyes is aching, you may need an eye check-up.

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