Baby Doesn’t Always Burp

Feeding Baby and About BurpingDon’t worry if the baby doesn’t always burp after feeding, especially if you’re breast-feeding. If the baby feels comfortable after you’ve given it a good try, just forget it. Do not pat the baby hard, you may cause the baby to vomit. You can also use gentle upward strokes instead of patting.

Few Tips to Remember When Making Your Baby Burp:
  • Put the baby on your shoulder with a diaper underneath, and gently pat the baby’s back between the shoulder blades.

  • If you get tired of diaper you can tie a bib around your neck and switch it from shoulder to shoulder as you switch your baby. This will keep your clothes clean even if the baby vomits.

  • Lay the baby on your laps with tummy down, with the baby’s head turned a little to the side. Pat gently or rub from the bottom up.

  • Put your hand under the baby’s sternum and lean the baby toward your palm while firmly but gently rub the back.

  • Squeeze the baby’s back gently, while the baby is on your shoulder or in your laps, beginning at the kidney area and working slowly up to the shoulders.

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