Why do we blush?

Why do we blush?

When we blush, we go red in the face, particularly in the cheeks and neck. Sudden emotion, such as embarrassment, a sense of shame or pleasure, causes the very small blood vessels just below the surface of the skin to deflate. As these capillaries are full of blood the skin look red. Blushing is most noticeable on a pale-skinned person. Teenagers blush more easily than older people. Perhaps because the older you get, the better you learn to cope with your emotions.

Funny Logics

  • Because one blush can describe feelings better than a thousand words.
  • It is a red signal that one has had more than one’s share of embarrassment.
  • To the face blood rushes, when a person blushes. After committing a sin, can a person grin?
  • We blush only when we are caught red-handed.

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