What is the difference between a diamond and a crystal?

What is the difference between a diamond and a crystal?

The solid state of matter in which the atoms or molecules are arranged in a definite repetitive geometric patterns is known as crystal. Liquid metals, alloys, minerals and some organic materials solidify into crystalline form. A slower rate of cooling results in a larger crystal. Crystals have flat boundary planes or faces. A diamond is an allotrope (another form) of pure carbon having a geometry of dense, strongly bonded, close-knit, tetrahedral crystals. Its high refractive index gives it extraordinary lustre. It’s physical/optical property may vary from colourless, transparent to opaque and black. The colour may be changed by bombarding it with atomic particles of various kinds. Being the hardest material it also finds industrial uses, apart from its value as a gem.

Funny Logics

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