What does waterlogged mean?

What does waterlogged mean?Wood becomes waterlogged when all its calls are filled with water. It can absorb water only up to about 30 per cent of its own weight. As it does so, the wood swells until it reaches “fibre saturation point” or its maximum volume.

If further water is added, it will penetrate to the cavities of the cells, but no further swelling will take place. Waterlogged wood no longer floats because the air spaces within are filled with fluid making it too heavy.

The word “waterlogged” is used to describe ships that have been flooded and sunk, or meadows and fields that are so wet that they must be drained before they are any use for growing food.

A meadow becomes waterlogged in the same way as wood. The land can no longer absorb more water or drain it away. Many areas of land remain permanently in this condition unless they are reclaimed for farming.

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