What are the grand and Dogger Banks?

What are the grand and Dogger Banks?Around the continents are shallow seas covering the continental shelves. These seas contain most of the world’s chief fishing grounds, some of which are called banks. The Grand Banks, off the south-east coast of Newfoundland, Canada, extend across about 360,000 square km (139,000 square miles). With an average depth of 110 m (361 ft), they yield more than 800,000 tonnes of fish, especially cod, a year. Fishing in the Grand Banks can be dangerous and sailors must beware of fogs, icebergs and fierce storms.

The Dogger Bank in the North Sea, about 160 km (110 miles) east of the coast of North Yorkshire in northern England, is another rich fishing ground. Between 15-37 m (49-122 ft) deep, it is best known for its cod and herring.

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