How the Sun shines?

How the Sun shines?When the Sun rises all the stars disappear. The sun rays are so bright that stars are not visible to us. The sun generates so much brightness due to its immense heat. We can guess about this heat by reading following scientific facts about the sun.

(1) The volume of the sun is about 1,300,000 times more than earth (2) The temperature on the surface is 6,000 degrees centigrade which can change hardest rocks into a gas. So it is a immense mass of gases. According to the estimates of the scientists the temperature at the center is around fifteen million degrees centigrade. The temperature of the sun’s outer surface is different from the temperature of its center. So the gases react with each other and create nuclear fusion like an atom bomb. It produces great heat. This is not burning but changing of matter into energy. When any thing burns it changes from one form to another but when nuclear fusion takes place it produces energy. So sun shines due to its quantity of changing matter into energy. So sun shines due to it’s quality of changing matter into energy. It is estimated by the scientists that one percent of sun’s mass can keep it shining for about 150 million years.

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