Does a bigger brain make you smarter?

Does a bigger brain make you smarter?It is not the size of brain that makes one person brilliant and another dullard, for most adults have brains of the same size and weight-about 11/2 kilograms. Rather, it is the way the brain develops. Your brain stores information from your past experiences, helping you to remember, learn, and think. But people differ in how much they remember, how quickly they learn, and how well they think. Much of this depends on the capacity for mental growth you inherit from your parents and environment, or surroundings.

An example of this is Kin Ung-Kong, a Korean boy, who spoke four languages and did complicated mathematical problems before he was five years old. Both his parents were university professors. But this does not mean that every university professor will have such a genius for a child. It simply means that this boy inherited a great capacity for learning from his parents, and that he was exposed to languages and mathematics when he was very young. Your brain will stop growing in size when you are about 15 years old!

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