Let Every Child Know A True Meaning Of Summer Holidays

Let Every Child Know A True Meaning Of Summer Holidays

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I opened today’s morning newspaper and found several leaflets all calling out for enrollment into Summer Camps for Children. There were several advertisements inside the newspaper as well. A quick glance of these summer camp offerings is all about Spoken English, Abacus, Mind brain Activation, Increasing memory power, Memorizing techniques, Personality development starting from 3 year old children, Robotics for Class 5 students and so on. There were few for sports and music as well.

I remember a parent asking me in one of my career counselling session as to how his son who just finished his exams the day before is sleeping till 7 am and wanted my advice on which class he should enroll. Thinking about it I guess we have lost our mind completely. Summer vacation was something kids really looked forward to in the past but I am not sure if the same can be said now for a vast majority. Why can’t a kid sleep a bit extra, play with his / her friends in the apartment, eat well, rest well, visit relatives / friends and more importantly just being the kids they are supposed to be. If they are really interested in a class let them join but this summer camp craze is heights and really puts so much pressure on the kids even during vacation.

I really look forward to my son’s vacation not for anything else but for those few extra hours I get to spend with him. The best personality development trainer for the kids can only be their parents and if at all we really want to give them a good time, try and check if you can bargain some time from your schedule and spend that time may be playing a game together or having fun by what our kids would like to do. When I see a kid speaking like a grown up adult it just scares me and there’s nothing to be proud about.

Every child has a right to be away from tuition, extra coaching, summer camps having various activities.

They have right to sleep late, watch movies, cartoons, play endlessly, visit places and just be at home.

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