Rose, Miniature

Rose शiniatureRose, Miniature — All of the classes of Old Garden Roses — gallicas, centifolias, etc. — had corresponding miniature forms, although these were once-flowering just as their larger forms were.

As with the standard-sized varieties, miniature Old Garden roses were crossed with repeat-blooming Asian species to produce everblooming miniature roses.

Today, miniature roses are represented by twiggy, repeat-flowering shrubs ranging from 6″ to 36” in height, with most falling in the 12″–24″ height range. Blooms come in all the hybrid tea colors; many varieties also emulate the classic high-centered hybrid tea flower shape.

Miniature roses are often marketed and sold by the floral industry as houseplants, but it is important to remember that these plants are largely descended from outdoor shrubs native to temperate regions; thus, most miniature rose varieties require an annual period of cold dormancy to survive.

Miniature roses, some producing blooms no larger than a fingernail, have become popular houseplants. Examples: ‘Petite de Hollande’ (Miniature Centifolia, once-blooming), ‘Cupcake’ (Modern Miniature, repeat-blooming).

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