Chenille Plant

Chenille PlantChenille Plant — The chenille plant, or Acalypha hispida, belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae and is from the subfamily of Acalyphinae. This plant is known as the Philippines Medusa, Red-hot Cat’s Tail and Fox Tail in English, pokok ekor kucing in Malay, Rabo de Gato in Portuguese and Tai in Vietnamese. This species is mostly found in tropical locations (except Hawaii and some islands in the Pacific Ocean). The Americas have two thirds of all the known species, distributed from the southern US to Uruguay and northern Argentina.

With 450 to 500 species, from herbs to shrubs, this type of plant is right behind Euphorbia, Croton, and Phyllanthus. Acalypha hispida is cultivated as a house plant because of its attractiveness and brilliantly colored, furry flowers.

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