Sharad Purnima

Moon GodSharad Purnima is observed on the night of full moon of Ashvina. The Moon-good is also the lord of herbs, seeds, the Brahmins, waters and Nakshatras or Constellations.

It is believed that on Sharad Purnima, Amrit or elixir is being showered on the earth by the Moon through his beams.

On this auspicious day Kshir or Khir (milk thickened with rice and mixed with sugar, candy, etc.) is especially prepared in the temples and homes, and offered to Hari amidst ringing of the balls and chanting of the hymns, then it is given in the morning as prasad to the devotees.

The recipe is kept in the moonshine all the night so that it may absorb the Amrit falling from the moon. Such khir is considered to possess many qualities. At night Moon-god is also worshiped and offered naivedya.

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