Don't Diet! - Kavita Devgan

Don’t Diet! – Kavita Devgan

Publisher: Jaico Books

Pages: 242

Price: Rs.350

Often, individuals on the heavy side of the weighing scale follow every theory to the ‘T’, try every tactic to lose all that food love which converts into fat, increasing not just the waist line but the perfect chin, the once slender shapely thighs and firm buttocks. Tending to all these ‘red alert’ problems, “Don’t Diet” by Kavita Devgan focusses on healthy habits.

In a refreshing, non-preachy writing style, the author keeps you glued to the book until the last word. The read motivates and convinces you to drop all those fried sinful snacks, pointing out the small little habits that all working people get into and thus change the dimensions of our respective bodies.

Addressing the mere fact that we use food as a comforter during the time of stress (a major no-no), the author says that small habits like ordering tea throughout the day too contributes to the extra calories we gain just like that!

Fun to read, filled with easy and practical tips, the book can motivate anyone and everyone to lose weight.

The foremost important tip that Devgan points out is that intake of water is extremely important for our body. With a proper explanation on the connection between keeping yourself hydrated and losing weight, the author has gone on to make the reader understand the importance of water.

With pointers like one should pick happiness over hunger, quality of food is paramount, never leave home without breakfast, “Don’t Diet!” breaks many myths about dieting that have been instilled in us over the years and takes a holistic approach to losing and maintaining weight.

The book basically suggests that you go slow and make easy lifestyle changes. Many different and interesting recipes have been given by the author with some easy to do workouts.

Talking about basics, the grass root points which have a huge role in a foodie’s weight control, the book addresses the sleeping cycle which is an integral part for our body to function properly.

Soaking up the sun, going out for morning walks are facts that are known to all but not implied in daily life by most of us.

With the message that thin people stay thin because the good habits which fat people generally dodge are “embedded in their subconscious and are a part of their daily routines”, “Don’t Diet!” is a read that can be understood while sipping on fresh green tea!

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