Shri Rajendra Ji Maharaj

Shri Rajendra Ji MaharajShri Rajendra Ji Maharaj — Guru Maharaj has been in this field of spirituality since last thirty years. Looking at the swarming crowds in the Amritvaani Satsang, one always ponders what is that makes Guruji and Satsang so special that people can’t afford to ignore? Yes, Guruji is a modern day Kabir-training his disciples to be ascetics in their homes. In his Satsang, one fails to see any formalistic rituals or adornments. So simple, yet Effective.

Human mind is naturally conditioned to accept the middle and the modest path of BHAKTI i.e. ‘path of devotion’.We see active examples of Human mind is naturally conditioned to accept the middle and the modest path of BHAKTI i.e. ‘path of devotion’. We see active examples of devotion; in our own household. Mother eats only after feeding the entire family. Father is a care-taker. So, it goes that we connect to his simple philosophy of devotion. How fearless the children become when they run on the busy street? How restless they become when they feel the pangs of hunger? Later they feel that mother is following them and father is around somewhere. So it goes. For being kind and humble is a mother’s nature and same goes for the father as well. He earns and supports the family for it’s well-being.

Disciples of Guruji too, feel the same. They know that their care-taker, their guru is with them and behind them-when they participate in the race of busy life. They know that, when they face the high tide of success and low tide of failure-Guru will support them.

Thus, the simplistic unconditional “devotion “makes one wise and mature .The disciples learns efficient management of their personal, professional and spiritual life. They learn to deal with the ebb and flow of life. They also become aware that everything is transitional-aims, goals, success, money, poverty. The only thing that is ever-present and ever resonating is RAM and it’s love; and their devotion for their guru. It is here that guru and Ram become ONE ENTITY.

From un -conditional love i.e. BHAKTI, the disciples gain knowledge gradually i.e. GYAAN. After gaining this knowledge through guru’s grace they move on the path of Universal Love i.e. PREM. He realizes that he is not just a body but a soul too. He starts experiencing emotions of love, pity, tranquility, amiability, co-operative spirit, sacrifice , devotion. Thus, he slowly and steadily becomes harmonious, undisturbed and calm. He is hurt when he sees a distressed soul. He is sad when a Robin is hurt. He feels the pain when a heart cries. He moves on the path of PREM i.e. Universal Love. He starts recognizing the same soul in other person. He connects with them- no matter how they be, as he is aware but they are not. He prays, ‘soon they shall be too’. He tries to become one, unites with the soul, and dances on the rhythm divine.

But where is RAM? Who is Guruji here? They are within the disciples. The inter-mingling circle of energy is RAM. Reservoir of cosmic energy is RAM. Transfer of energy between souls is RAM. Guruji makes us aware and helps us to be a Universal Entity. He and his vibrant age-old knowledge graces us with RAM. So knowledge is RAM and knowledge is departed through GURUSHREE. Thus, Guruji himself becomes RAM.

Thousand bows at the lotus feet of our Reverend Guruji who helps us in meeting the Divine without renouncing our home, work, habits and our world. As Kabir Sahab says,

“Guru Dhobi Sikh Kapda, Saboo Sirjan Har, Surti Sila Pur Dhoiye, Nikse Jyoti Apaar.”

Guru the washer, disciple is his cloth.

Name of lord-a soap, washes the mind to realize the glow of truth.

So does Guruji washes away all the sins through his love and RAM NAAM.

The purity is attained at his lotus feet not at the banks of holy Ganges. His immortal river of love, energy ever flows brimming day by day. It is always full and ever flowing through his words, his Satsang as Isha Upanishad states,

“That Is Full, This Is Full. The Full Comes Out Of The Full. Taking The Full From The Full Itself Remains.”

“Companionship with the holy makes you one of them. Though you are rock or marble, you will become a jewel, when you associate with the man of heart”

His opulence reflects wholeness. And when this wholeness encompasses incomplete beings, it makes them complete and unbridles the truth. He is his highness Guru Shree Rajendraji Mahraj. His discourses not only enrich the mind but also rejuvenates the body and soul. A follower of nirgunn bhakti- he vividly describes through his words “that which is incomprehensible” and which can be achieved through an entity called “subliminal-self”. Vedic religion has prescribed many ways to attain the almighty like chanting, fasting, and others. But the master stresses on “selfless-love” or better known as bhakti. The most modest path which helps one to touch the higher planes of spirituality. His precepts, when one is comfortable with one self; when one realises one self it’s only then we accept others and ourselves. Everything in our world depends on the actions and reactions of our mind vis-à-vis others. And when an enlightened being is aware, all the chaos and conflicts disapppear. Guru shree promotes this enlightened vision and alleviates human soul. The master exists in perfect tranquility with god and so his discourses provide the strength of the lioness and flight of a falcon. Guru shree is an almanac of spiritual healing and better living.

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