Vinegar Volcano

EquipmentsVinegar VolcanoThings Reqiured: Red Food Color, Vinegar, 2 Small Plastic or Glass Bottles, Funnel, Bicarbonate of Soda (Bicarb), Large Colored Plate, Sand, Glue (Fevicol), Colored Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Sticky Tape.

Fizzy Gas

Vinegar Volcano Big FunEverything is made of chemicals. And all chemicals are made of tiny particles called atoms. During a chemical reaction, one group of atoms are shuffled and taken apart, they get mixed with the other atoms to form a different group and make a new chemical.

Similarly when Venigar is mixed with Bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) one of the new chemical is formed and that is Gas. The bubbles of this Gas make the volcano fizz.

Note: There is no danger in this chemical reaction, as it produces Carbon dioxide Gas and with the recommended quantity of Soda and vinegar, it is not harmful. But, the children should always be supervised in case of spillage.

Learn to make your own Vinegar Volcano

 Vinegar Volcano - Step 1
Vinegar Volcano - Step 2
Vinegar Volcano - Step 3
Vinegar Volcano - Step 4
Step: I
Add some red food color to some vinegar in a small bottle using the funnel.
Step: II
Wash and dry the funnel. Use it to put 1 or 2 desert spoons of bicarb into another small bottle.
Step: III
Stand this bottle in the middle of the plate as the volcano. Pile the sand around it.
Step: IV
Paint the sides of the bottle with glue, to make it stick. This is the volcano’s opening, or crater.


Vinegar Volcano - Step 5
Vinegar Volcano - Step 6
Vinegar Volcano - Ready
Step: V
Make a palm tree. Draw som leaves on green paper and cut them out. Snip around their edges to make fronds. Roll up some colored paper to make the tree trunk.
Step: VI
Tape round the top and bottom of the trunk and cut it off square, so it stands up. Tape the palm leaf shapes to the top of the trunk.
Step: VII
Using the funnel, carefully por some of the coloured vinegar onto the bicarb in the bottle on the island, and quickly remove the funnel.

This Volcanic Eruption is based on simple chemical reaction. Real volcano is based on Heat and pressure and is million times more powerful. The red bubbly LAVA fizzes out of the top of the volcano. The chemical reaction starts as soon as the vinegar is mixed with Soda (bicarb). When the volcano has finished erupting, stir inside the bottle with a straw and add some more vinegar. You can get several eruptions this way.

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