Making a Dog Kennel

Making a Dog Kennel
Making a Dog Kennel

Making a Dog Kennel

Some people think that anything will do for a dog to sleep in. As a matter of fact, a good kennel makes for a healthy dog, and a bad one does the animal harm. Therefore, if your own a canine friend, see that he has comfortable quarters.

Below we describe the way to make an attractive kennel. The measurements are those we employed when constructing a kennel for a retriever. The proportions should be varied when building for smaller or larger dogs. It will be easiest to make the kennel in the sections.

Floor – Dimensions, three feet by two feet. Use boards one inch thick and join them together on the underside by nailing across two lenghts of wood, two by one inch, but do not bring them right up to the outside edges of the floor. Keep them at least two inches from the edges.

Slides – Two are required; dimensions, three feet by two feet six inches. Other particulars are the same as for the floor, but in addition drill four ventilation holes, in a horizontal line, each one inch in diameter and about two inches from the top edge, so that they come under the eaves when the roof is fitted ( see diagram).

Back – Dimensions, three feet three inches by two feet two inches, made in the same way as the floor. When this much has been done, find the exact centre of the top edge and measure off two feet six inches along the sides, commencing at the bottom. Join each side point, so obtained, with the centre point and saw along the lines. You now have an inverted V-shaped back.

Front – Make this section in the same way as the back, but cut an opening fourteen inches wide and two feet three inches high, as in the illustration.

Roof – Two sections are required. Dimensions, three feet four inches by eighteen inches each.

When assembling the above, procure some lengths of one inch by one inch wood and begin with the sides. Nail strips of this around the edges on the inside but, in the case of the bottom edge, place the strip two inches above the edge.

Now stand up the two sides and drop the floor in position so that it rests on the horizontal edges formed by the one inch by one inch wood. You will have to chisel out small squares at the corners because of the vertical edge strips on the sides. Also, fit the back. From the out side carefully drive in nails all around, to penetrate the one inch strips.

When you have done this, fix the front in the same way and, if you desire it, cut and fit a strip of wood to serve as a doorstep. The roof must now be taken in hand. Place the two sections so that they slant in accordance with the V-shaped front and back. Put them flush with the back but overhanging at the front and sides. Drive in nails so that they penetrate to the one-inch strips which edge the sides. If the sections have been accurately constructed, the join along the ridge of the roof will fit close without ant nails. Lastly, cover the roof with tarred felt, bringing it well round to the underside of the eaves, and give a coat of green paint.

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