Making A Crazy Path in the Garden

Making A Crazy Path in the Garden
Making A Crazy Path in the Garden

Making A Crazy Path in the Garden

A crazy path gives your garden an old-world appearance which is very pleasing. Most people construct such paths out of odd-shaped pieces of flag-stones; but the varying thicknesses of the pieces gives the path an uneven tread, which makes walking not at all easy. In fact, a surface of this character is positively dangerous when youngsters are about.

To construct a safe crazy path, remove the soil to a depth of four inches, then obtain a number of wooden laths, all fours inches in width and cut them into varying lengths of from twelve to twenty inches.

Set these laths, on edge, along the two sides of the path, placing them in a slightly irregular manner, i.e. let them wind about somewhat and do not make the path exactly the same width throughout. Then, put in some cross pieces to reach from side to side. These, also, should be fitted in a manner that is devoid of regularity.

When this has been done, make up some concrete; then, having slightly wetted the ground, spread the concrete between the laths and smooth off the surface with a flat piece of lath.

In three or four days time, pull out the laths which shaped the path and use them for the next strip that is to be constructed. Naturally, you will not attempt the entire run in one day.

Do not be in a hurry to walk on the path. Allow it two or three weeks to harden, if possible. Then sprinkle earth in the cracks, caused when you removed the laths, and sow grass seed.

The concrete required for this work should be made by mixing one part of Portland cement, two of sharp sand four of broken material, with sufficient water to make a wet paste. The broken material may consist of stones picked up in the garden, old bricks smashed into small fragments, disused flower pots similarly treated and any suitable material of the same character that happens to be available. The cement and the sand are procured from the local builders merchant. All the ingredients should be shoveled together on the stone flags in the backyard or on some boards laid together, and, when well mixed, the water is added, a little at a time.

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