Medical Slang Acronyms

Alphabetical Listing of Medical Slang Acronyms

  • UNIVAC — Unusually Nasty Infection, Vultures Are Circling
  • UPF — Un-Passed Fart (gaseous Distended Abdomen)
  • VAC — Vultures Are Circling (dying)
  • VBA — Valuable Breathing Air; I.e. What Some Patients Or Doctors Are Wasting
  • VBT — Very Bad Thing
  • VD — “Veak And Dizzy; Older Person Feeling Vaguely Unwell And Presents At ER At 2am Complaining of Feeling “”weak And Dizzy”””
  • VIP — Very Intoxicated Person
  • VOMIT — Victim of Modern Imaging Technology (i.e. Try Treating The Patient, Not The Report From Radiology; Particularly Referring To Invasive Procedures For False Positives.
  • VTMK — Voice To Melt Knickers (the Voice Deliberately Cultivated By Some Doctors)
  • WADHAO — Weak And Dizzy And Hurt All Over
  • WAFTAM — “(“”woff-tam””): Waste of F***ing Time And Money”
  • WFFAD — Will Follow From A Distance – Will Check Your Lab Results, But Will Never Set Foot In Your Room Again
  • WITPOMS — Why Is This Patient On My Service
  • WNL — (Ambulance/casualty) Within Normal Limits, But More Often Interpreted As We Never Looked
  • WNL — Will Not Listen; Patient Won’t Take Medical Advice
  • WOMBAT — Waste of Money, Brains And Time
  • WWI — Walking While Intoxicated (and Fell Over)
  • YAVIS — Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent, Successful.
  • YMRASU — Your Medical Records Are Screwed Up
  • YOYO — Youre On Your Own

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