Largest blue star sapphire: Star of Adam breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest blue star sapphire: Star of Adam breaks Guinness World Records record

Colombo, Sri Lanka – January 7, 2016 – The world’s biggest blue star sapphire, worth at least $100 million (£68 million), has been mined in Sri Lanka; the gemology institute in the capital Colombo has certified that the gem weighs 1404.49 carats, breaking the previous world record of 1,395 carats.

Photo: World’s largest blue star sapphire — worth $100M, weighs 1404.49 carats.

The Guinness World Records world record for the largest carved sapphire is a multi-coloured (blue, gold, grey) polished rock that weighs 80,500 carats (16.1 kg, 35.49 lb). The sapphire was displayed during the annual Unifour Gem & Mineral & Jewellery Show at the Hickory Metro Convention, NC, USA on March 19 2005.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest cut brown sapphire; it weighs 5,905 carats (1.19 kg, 41.66 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 22 February 2014. The sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3). It also contains elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, and magnesium.

Star sapphires have a milky quality caused by the mineral rutile. Its fibres reflect light into the distinctive star pattern.

The stone was found in a mine near the city of Ratnapura, known as the City of Gems and at the centre of Sri Lanka’s £70 million a year industry.

The owner declined to say how much he paid for the stone, but explained he named it the Star of Adam following a Muslim belief that Adam arrived in Sri Lanka after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Local Muslims and Christians believe he first set foot on a mountain now known as Adam’s Peak.

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