Most people receiving Nasya panchkarma treatment simultaneously

Most People Receiving Nasya Panchkarma

Jaipur (Rajasthan), IndiaNovember 29, 2017 – A total of 733 Ayurveda students from across the country have set a new World Record for the Most people receiving ‘nasya panchakarma’ treatment simultaneously at the 1st Rashtriya Ayurved Yuva Mahotsav, organized by the National Ayurveda Student Youth Association (NASYA) in association with the Department of AYUSH, according to the World Record Academy.

Photo: The event was hosted by the National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA) in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The record was set in eight minutes.

For the event, a huge tent was put up at NIA for these students to receive ‘nasya panchakarma‘ treatment simultaneously. In this method of treatment, a patient receives medicines or herbs through the nose.

‘Nasya’ is mainly done for diseases related to the head. It also helps in treating health-related problems of ear, throat and nose, including allergic rhinitis, migraine, pharyngitis and hair fall. It is also beneficial for maintaining healthy eyesight.

A patient receives herbs through the nose in ‘nasya karma’, said, Dr C R Yadav, spokesperson, NIA.

Most People Receiving Nasya Panchkarma Treatment: Video

What is ‘Nasya Panchkarma’?

Nasya treatment refers to an Ayurvedic therapy that includes instillation of herbal oils, juices or powders through the nasal route. It works specifically on disorders of ear, nose and throat. Nasya is one among the five Panchakarma therapies. It is especially desirable for diseases of parts above the base of the neck; nasal passage being the gateway of the head.

Treatment Procedure:

The procedure of Nasya can be classified under three headings,

  1. Poorvakarma or pre purificatory measures
    Includes facial oil massage or application of steam to face, forehead, head, ears and neck. This helps to loosen the adhesive Doshas.
  2. Pradhanakarma or main procedure of Nasya
    This is the main step of Nasya and includes instillation of luke warm medication in both the nostrils, alternately, with the help of proper instrument like dropper. The sole, shoulder, neck, ear and palm are gently massaged after the administration of the drug
  3. Paschatkarma or post therapeutic measures
    In this procedure patients mouth is cleaned by giving luke warm water to gargle and then medicated smoke is given for inhalation.

How Does Nasya Panchkarma Treatment Work?

The medicaments administered through the nostrils pervade into the nervous (Brain) and venous system (Blood circulation) present in and around the nostrils. Then they evacuate the morbidity present or distributed in nearby area. Thus it relieves the blockage of the channels and the diseases are cured effectively. Medicated oils / juices / powders stimulate the vital centers of brain to overcome specific diseases. Nasya treatment does not cause any serious side effects when performed by an experienced therapist. However, it is recommended to not undergo Nasya after heavy meals or Shirodhara.

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