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Who wrote under the nom-de-plume of Saki?

Who wrote under the nom-de-plume of Saki?This was Hector Hugh Munro, born in Burma on November 12, 1870. His fame as a writer rests on his brilliant short stories which have been collected in several volumes such as Reginald, Reginald in Russia and The Chronicles of Clovis. He was only a child when his mother died and, in Devonshire, England, he was brought up by two aunts. Returning to Burma in 1893, he joined the military police but fell in and was invalided home.

He began to write and his first book was The Rise of the Russian Empire. He then wrote newspaper articles and in 1904 wrote his first book of short stories Reginald. Several more books of short stories followed, all showing his mastery of style, a biting wit and a superb power of describing the macabre and the supernatural. When the war broke out in 1914 he enlisted and was killed at Beaumont Hamel, France on November 13, 1916.

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