Clay Moulding

Clay Moulding – Items required:

  • Moulding clay of orange colour
  • Moulding clay of green colour
  • Paper knife
Clay Moulding Step - 1Take some orange clay. Roll out the orange clay evenly so that it is thinner at one end.
Clay Moulding Step - 2Mould the thinner end to give shape of a carrot.
Clay Moulding Step - 3Take green clay roll and flatten it.


Clay Moulding Step - 4Take the flatten clay and stretch it with the help of forefinger and thumb as shown here to give the shape of a leaf.
Clay Moulding Step - 5Slightly twist the leaf and press down on the thicker end of the carrot.
Clay Moulding Step - 6Your Carrot is ready, give some impressions of cut for a natural look.
Clay Moulding

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