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Slogans on Save Earth

Slogans on Save Earth For Students and Children

Slogans on Save Earth For Students and Children

  • Life is nothing without planet earth
  • Save earth and grow fast
  • Think green and never hit the earth
  • Green revolution ensures safety of earth
  • East or west, earth is the only option
  • For our kids keep saving the earth
  • Unite to make this planet the safest one
  • I am an earth lover. What about you?
  • A green earth is actually a clean earth
  • Save the earth and stay blessed
  • Caring the earth means no one is lean
  • Protect our planet for a better Life
  • Always keep our earth clean and green
  • Go green, save earth
  • Don’t be mean always love the earth
  • It’s never too late so just start saving the earth
  • Make the future of earth brighter
  • Never let the future of earth to become orange
  • Being earth lover is awesome
  • Caring the earth is mind-blowing
  • Love earth, go green and stay clean
  • Earth is the only livable planet so just care it
  • Treat the Earth as you first love
  • Let’s go green to get our earth clean
  • Save the earth to save your future generations

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  1. Wonderful collection of slogans. Helpful in making aware people to save earth. People should think we can not exist without green earth.

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