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World Book Day

World Book Day

World Book Day is organized by UNESCO every year to offer a literal feast for ardent book lovers across the world. The official date set for celebrations is April 23 on which authors, readers, critics, publishers and editors congregate at a single place to make the event a grand success. Alternatively referred to as Copyright Day and International Book Day, this is one of the global events that is held in high esteem all over the world. Promoting copyright values is one of the actual objectives behind organizing such a unique festival. As a matter of fact, it is celebrated on first Thursday of March in UK every year.

History Behind World Book Day

Book lovers observed an official event for the first time on 23 April, 1995, to address the problems of plagiarism and copyrights in a serious manner. The day is observed with a lot of excitement in European countries like UK and Ireland to promote good reading habits among kids. Exclusive packs are supplied to schools across the world as well in order to ensure that children get to read what they want.

Madrid was the first city to be proclaimed World Book Capital, on the sixth World Book and Copyright Day.

Events for Book Lovers on World Book Day

National Book Tokens Limited assumes the responsibility of passing on tokens for which books could be exchanged. Around 14 million children aged below eighteen years are known to benefit extensively in this regard. Such tokens could be redeemed at any local book center for eight books of personal choice. Perhaps, it is even possible to pick your favorite book based upon specific character, author or theme that has mesmerized you over the years. Valuable books from celebrity authors could be easily accessed in this regard with which you could realize your long cherished dream as well. Short-story writing competition is organized with an aim of promoting the practice of reading and writing amongst the children, young adults and adults of the city.

World Book Day – Grand Celebrations Across the Globe

Other countries in Europe too are actively involved in spreading knowledge about the value of books. Booksellers in Spain are actively involved in publicizing books since 1923 through which readers belonging to the contrasting backgrounds are able to realize maximum benefits. The event is marked as a perfect tribute to celebrate author Miguel de Cervantes who passed away on the exact day. However, it was because of the earnest efforts of UNESCO that the official World Book Day was being celebrated since 1995 in order to observe the birth and death anniversaries of William Shakespeare and April 23, the death anniversary of Shakespeare was chosen ultimately.

Several developing countries too observe World Book Day with the local flavor. Children are given utmost prominence as they get to read precisely the same books they would like since a long time. Publishers and authors too are known to campaign actively for the Copyright Day to bring the issues faced by them commonly. With the availability of social media in an active manner, the event has been already popularized to a maximum extent. Understanding the importance of reading books and treasuring details is what avid readers are bound to get.

Book is a garden kept in pocket. Book always proves to be the best friend of mankind. World Book and Copyright Day is globally celebrated event that aims to promote the pure joy of books and cultivating the habit of reading. UNESCO declared 23rd April as the day of celebration of knowledge sharing through books. Its observed in over 100 countries.

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