Amalaki Ekadashi - Hindu Festival

Dev Uthani Ekadashi, Prabodhani Ekadashi Date

On the 11th Day or Ekadashi of Shukla Paksh in the month of Karthik, the festival of Dev Uthani Ekadashi is celebrated. It is also called Prabodhani Ekadashi.

It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu had woken up after a rest of four months. Hence, this day marks the end of Chaturmaas.

This day is considered as a very auspicious day and marriages take place on this day all over India. All auspicious work that could not be done during the Chaturmaas are started on this day.

Dev Uthani Ekadashi Dates:

  • 2018: 19 November, 2018 (Monday)
  • 2019: 08 November, 2019 (Friday)

Dev Uthani Ekadashi: Puja Preparation

  • Roli, chawal (rice), moli (colored thread)
  • Fruits, banana
  • Gur (Jaggery)
  • Gwar ki phalli, mooli (radish)
  • Rice (approximate 1-1/4 kg)
  • Cotton wool, deepak, match stick, money

Dev Uthani Ekadashi: Vidhi / Method of Performing Puja

  • The courtyard or the room is cleaned and with chuna (limestone) and with geru the image of Dev is drawn.
  • In the evening, puja is performed with water, roli, moli (colored thread), 1-1/4 kg rice, fruits, gut, cotton, banana, gwar ki phalli, mooli, money etc.
  • The deepak is then lit and devotional songs are sung.
  • People perform Tulsi Ji Ka Vivah on this day with Shaligram.

Dev Uthani Ekadashi: Mantra

‘उत्तिष्ठ गोविन्द त्यज निद्रां जगत्पतये।
त्वयि सुप्ते जगन्नाथ जगत्‌ सुप्तं भवेदिदम्‌॥’
‘उत्थिते चेष्टते सर्वमुत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ माधव।
गतामेघा वियच्चैव निर्मलं निर्मलादिशः॥’
‘शारदानि च पुष्पाणि गृहाणमम केशव।’

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