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Round the World Air Race Game

Round the World Air Race Game
Round the World Air Race Game

Round the World Air Race Game

This is a very jolly and interesting game that can easily be made and played by any number of players. The board for the game is illustrated on the next page and you can cut this out and paste it on to a piece of cardboard and use it as the base. Should you not wish to cut the page out from this book, make a pencil tracing of the drawing and transfer it to a piece of smooth white cardboard and ink it in with black ink. When you have made the outline and have carefully marked in the panels of lettering, you can paint the map in your own colouring. Use red for British possessions, green for U.S.A., blue for French, orange for U.S.S.R., brown for Italian, mauve for Japanese, and a light yellow for the rest.

The starting point is Great Britain and all the planes must fly along the dotted line, all round the world, returning to the original point. There are several hazards en route and these are clearly marked, with instructions to the flier. The game is played by throwing a dice and moving the plane along the dotted line according to the number thrown. Should a six turn up in the first throw, the player will move his plane six dots along the line, if a three is thrown, then three dots along will be the move. Should a player alight on a hazard, shown by the larger dot, he must follow the instructions detained in the panel.

Each player will have a plane cut from a piece of cardboard and shaped as in the diagram. A pin is pushed through the plane and this is placed on the board in the correct position. Paint the planes with distinctive colours so that each one will be easily recognisable. It would be an excellent idea to varnish the board, not only will it look most attractive but it will preserve the surface. Now you can get right ahead and commence your play, and may the best pilot win.

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