Ferry Boat

Ferry Boat
Ferry Boat

Ferry Boat

How would you like to make a ferry boat, with paddles, that actually does work and cruise on water? All you will need to make a fine model of this kind is some wood for the hull of the ship, elastic, nails, paper and paints.

This is how the ferry boat is made. Cut a piece of soft wood to measure about I2 in. long, 3 in. wide, from a piece of ¼ in. thickness. Pencil out the shape of the hull, as illustrated, on the surface of the wood and cut this by shaving it with your sharp penknife or a fret-saw. Give the edges of this a good sandpapering until quite smooth. Now cut out the portion of the hull to take the paddles, about 2 in. wide and 3 in. long. You will need a piece of wood on the foredeck to represent the bridge for the skipper. Make this 2 in. wide by 3 in. long and about I in. deep. After you have well sandpapered the surface and sides, gum it to the deck and secure with a couple of small screws. Drill a small hole, slightly at an angle and penetrating about ½ in., and insert a thin wooden mast, gummed at the end to make fast.

Now to make the all important paddles, to provide the power for the ship. The actual paddles can be made of thin sheet tin, cut as shown and bent into position. The length of the paddles should not be more than 2 ½ in. overall, so that they will move round without touching the edges of the hull. You must now obtain a band of elastic about 2 in. in length and pass this through the two holes shown drilled in the sides of the hull, marked A. Fasten one end loop of the elastic band over a piece of matchstick and gum into position at point B. The other end of the elastic band is to be fixed in a similar manner.

Now paint the boat with very bright colours, using enamel waterproof paints. Tie some black cotton from the prow to the top of the mast and thence to the stern to make part of the rigging. Tie two further pieces from the top of the mast to the sides of the hole and affix with tiny nails, as illustrated. This will complete the rigging.

To make the boat sail along in a realistic manner turn the paddles with the fingers, twisting the rubber band until it is nearly taut, and launch the ship. It will sail at a very good speed in the direction pointed and look exactly like a ferry boat under full steam.

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