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Why do we celebrate Maha Shivaratri?

Why do we celebrate Mahashivratri?

Maha Shivratri, the night of the worship of Lord Shiva, occurs on the 14th night of the new moon during the dark half of the month of Phalguna (Feb / March) when Hindus offer special prayer to the lord of destruction. Reasons to celebrate Maha Shivaratri The absolute formless God, Sadashiv appeared in the form of “Lingodbhav Moorti” exactly at …

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How did Lord Ganesha obtain his Elephant Head?

How did Lord Ganesha obtain his elephant head?

How did Lord Ganesha obtain his Elephant Head? STORY – 1 Shiva and Parvati story is probably the one taken from the Shiva Purana. Once, while his mother Parvati wanted to bathe, there were no attendants around to guard her and stop anyone from accidentally entering the house. Hence she created a boy’s idol out of turmeric paste which she …

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