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Ram Navami Bhajans: Popular Lord Rama Devotional Bhajans

Ram Navami Bhajans: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Navami Bhajans: Popular Lord Rama Devotional Bhajans – Ram Navami is celebrated with immense joy and fervor by all the Ram devotees throughout the world. Despite being one of the most ancient festivals in the world, Ram Navami does not involve extreme intricate rituals and traditions. Though, it is made a highly vibrant and gusto affair by the Ram …

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Ram Chalisa: श्री राम चालीसा Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Chalisa

Ram chalisa is a usual practice in Hindu houses, where Shri Rama is regarded as the main deity. Especially after the puja or after the recitation of Ramayana or Ramcharitmanasa, the chalisa is performed at the end, along with the Ram Aarti. It is believed that reading or even listening to Ram Chalisa daily liberates a person from the sins …

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Ram Aarti: आरती श्री रामचन्द्रजी Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Aarti: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Aarti refer to the song sung in praise of the deity. Aarti is performed and sung to develop the highest love for God. “Aa” means “towards or to”, and “rati” means “right or virtue” in Sanskrit language. In the other words, it is a song praising the virtues of the deity. Aarti is generally performed at the end of a …

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Celebrating Birth of Lord Rama

Lord Rama

The birth anniversary of Lord Rama, which is known as Ram Navami, is celebrated in the month of Chaitra usually falling in March or April according to the Hindu calendar. The nine-day celebration during the bright fortnight of Chaitra month marks the birth day of Lord Rama. Ram is considered to be the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of …

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