Vanya Spa, New Delhi

Vanya Spa, New DelhiVanya Spa — Vanya is a pioneer in providing Home Spa Services in Delhi and the NCR. These services extend to Indian, International and Oriental therapies. Our professional skin care experts suggest the best facials or body massages to suit your skin type. With our expertise in ayurveda and aromatherapy, we offer holistic solutions for total wellness. We also provide all kinds of herbal therapies with the best herbal products, manufactured by us. These products can also be purchased from us.

In keeping with the auspicious tradition of using turmeric for Indian Bride and Groom, the Rasa Bridal treatments focusses on Turmeric, because it adds radiance, reduces pigmentation, softens the skin and makes it supple, but evens the skin tone, heals acne and clears up blemishes. The Turmeric rituals start a month before the wedding date, adding radiance and glow for that very special day. Turmeric used for these therapies is all air dried and hand-pounded in Himalayan fresh air.

Vanya also brings services for a Spa Soiree at your home or office. A Spa Soiree can be used anywhere – an office, conference room, hotel, special event venue and even your own cozy living room can be transformed into a heavenly place of relaxation. A Spa Soiree is an idea that everyone will love you for organizing!

Rejuvenating Spa At Your Doorstep

Vanya – for us is a way of life – fresh, gentle and natural. A relaxing spa experience you will remember, forever – spa and salon services at your doorstep. Our trained therapists will visit you with a spa kit including portable massage bed, fresh linen and towels, Indigenous products, disposable spa attire, candle diffuser and essential oil.

We go to great lengths to collect fresh and natural ayurvedic ingredients from the remotest corners of India in the right season to provide the best Ayurvedic Herbal Spa. Our rosewater is made from freshly picked rose petals from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, then crushed and distilled under hygienic supervision. For the fresh Apricot Body Scrub, the apricots are sourced directly from the farmers in Uttarakhand, India. All of our natural spa treatments are carried out under the supervision of expert facialist who advise treatment that suits and helps preserve your natural skin and its glow.

No need to invest in unnecessary time driving and dealing with traffic snarls… when with one phone call our well-trained and well-qualified therapists can arrive at your doorstep. Vanya is the pioneer of the concept of Home Spa in India. Our mobility provides you with more convenience and a deeper sense of relaxation than traveling to a day spa.

When you book to undertake a spa therapy, let’s say a body scrub, the therapists use fresh fruits, like banana, apple, papaya and oatmeal. These are mixed in the spa’s laboratory with other special herbs and carried in an ice box, to give you the freshest and most refreshing natural spa.

Vanya Pure Facials

Vanya Pure Facials use the freshest, purest and best ingredients, which include fruits, flowers and herbs, to provide care for the delicate facial skin. Our skin specialists first examine your skin and recommend the most suitable and best facial therapy for you.

  • Skin Balancing Facial (Oily Skin) (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    This Facial helps to keep facial oil at bay; deep cleanses and also prevents blackheads. Oily skin is the basic reason for pimples and our Skin Balance Facial helps cure pimples naturally using herbal therapy. This therapy removes excess oil from the skin thus preserving the natural look.

  • Cucumber Hydrating Facial (Dry Skin) (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    This facial therapy exfoliates dead skin, reduces tanning and keeps skin looking young and fresh. It is a unique solution for dry skin, which also helps removing wrinkles. Cucumber Hydrating Facial therapy also hydrates dry skin, making it soft and supple.

  • Anti-acne and Anti-septic Facial Therapy (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    Anti-acne and Anti-septic facial therapy is a fabulous herbal and natural treatment for teenagers and adults, who suffer from skin problems, especially acne or hyper-sensitive skin. The facial is followed by an application of a soothing anti bacterial mask. It’s the perfect acne treatment for acne and septic prone skin.

  • Fresh Fruit Facial (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    A refreshing facial therapy for all skin types done with the pulp of fresh seasonal fruits, usually banana, apple, papaya, orange or carrot, depending on the season and recommended by our facial therapist to suit your skin. Fresh fruit scrubs can be successfully used as a firming or cleansing mask too. These contain AHA Acids, known for their anti-aging effects. An anti-aging treatment for beautiful and natural looking skin, it also eliminates wrinkles.

  • Skin Firming Pomegranate Facial Therapy (Duration: 50 Minutes)
    Pomegranate Facial Therapy uses pomegranate, well known for its skin tightening and skin glowing properties. The facial scrub not only deep cleanses and exfoliates, but also keeps the skin soft. Pomegranate toner and rose water is used liberally throughout the facial. The option of using the pomegranate cream or pomegranate oil for massage is available.

  • Ayurvedic Facial Therapy (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    This Ayurvedic way to get beautiful and natural glowing skin is a 100% herbal facial massage therapy that gives a glow to even the dullest skin! Beneficial against dark patches and pigmentation, it also reverses the effects of pollution and does not dry skin. A natural and ayurvedic face skin care treatment.

  • Deep Cleansing (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    This organic skin care therapy cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes facial skin. It is highly recommended and most popular amongst teenagers. We use only fresh and pure scrubs made with natural extracts of apricots, oranges, mustard and more. It helps in removing pimples and wrinkles and promotes shiny and natural looking skin.

  • Wild Apricot & Geranium Facial (Duration: 60 Minutes))
    A unique treatment for mature or middle aged skin, which redefines the skin texture, uplifts skins and prevents aging naturally. A combination of apricot oil is used along with the cream while massaging. A Himalayan clay masque specially made from apricots is applied for smoother skin. A Fully Natural therapy!

Vanya Body Rituals

Oil combinations along with flowers, fruits and vegetables, and spice extracts are selected along with natural herbs for these special relaxing treatments.

  • Van Udvartan Body Polisher (Duration: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
    A body ritual, which relaxes the nerves, most importantly exfoliates skin, reduces tanning giving it a healthy glow. It is done with oatmeal, yellow mustard and neem. The treatment is followed by a thorough massage with ayurvedic oil.

  • Exotic Pomegranate Exuberance (Duration: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
    Our pomegranate scrub is a unique natural product, which evens out the skin tone. While scrubbing, the fresh pomegranate skin, it transforms the skin’s appearance, texture and luster. Helps in reversing the damage of sun exposure. Absorbs well in the body too.

  • Fresh Fruit Body Scrub (Duration: 1 Hour)
    A fruit fantasy for a dehydrated skin of the body. A combination of banana and apple, with turmeric is generally used. This fresh body Scrub will exfoliate dull, dry skin leaving it looking younger. Fruit acids tighten and refine the skin’s texture by helping to slough

  • Body Firming Massage with Fresh Apricot Scrub and Warm Milk (Duration: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
    Sounds delectable. Feels exotic. The natural fragrance of the Apricot Fruit Scrub has a light sweet aroma. Combined with milk it has been known to soften skin for centuries. After the therapy skin of the body feels very firm and moisturized. Apricot is a very effective substitute for almond. The scrub of Apricot kernel is rich in oil and is antiaging.

  • Himalayan Clay and Apricot Body Masque (Duration: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
    This body wrap imparts soft glow to the skin. It is rich with Himalayan clay, Apricot paste and Apricot oil extracted from fresh mountain-grown apricots. Ideally first the complete body is cleansed with a mild scrub, then the wrap is applied and the body is draped with a soft cotton cloth for 20 minutes.

Vanya Massage Rituals

A regular massage is the key to good health. It is a type of passive exercise. Massage of any kind is relaxing and promotes a feeling of calmness. A good full body massage increases the blood flow and hence improves the immunity system and also helps fight aging. A correct massage therapy heals the body and reduces the stress.

  • Aroma Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    Sensory aroma ritual massage using pure organic apricot oil that is hand-made by cold process method. The effect of this combination of oils is rejuvenating, relaxing and anti-aging. It’s a great therapy to heal and relax the complete body.

  • Swedish Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    The Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best-known type of European massages. It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including sports, deep tissue and aromatherapy.

  • Marma Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    the body. Elbow and thumb are used for applying pressure. Slow pressing of sensitive points of the body leads to smooth and even energy flow and opens pores of the skin and helps it to breathe.

  • Vanya Signature Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    This massage helps to relieve a fatigued body with the rhythmic flow of hand movements and pressure points. The thumb gently presses the pressure points. It is also called Naturo therapy massage. Only pure herbal oils manufactured by us are used for this massage.

  • Ayurvedic Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    Incorporates the use of warm ayurvedic herbal oil. The benefits include increased vitality, reduced stress and complete relaxation. It comprises head and body massage.

  • Thai Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)
    Traditional Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than any other massage, where therapists lay you down on a padded mat upon the floor and by using their hands, knees, legs and feet they move you into a series of yoga-like stretches, providing you complete relaxation.

  • Back and Shoulder Massage (Duration: 40 Minutes)
    The neck and shoulders are common areas of soreness and tension. To have this pain eased away can be a source of great pleasure. A traditional back and shoulder massage is given in lying position.

Vanya Ayurvedic Hair Care

  • Vanya Hair Pack (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    Complete natural and herbal hair care for all kinds of hair. A 100% Herbal cleansing powder, adds volume and life to the hair. Made of bhringraj, methi, shikakai and amla. It is mixed with fresh curd/egg and applied to the roots and the hair and washed with warm water. Our hair pack nourishes the hair roots, gently removes dirt and makes it glow naturally. We do not use shampoo or any chemicals.

  • Traditional Head Massage (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    This massage increases blood flow and hence makes roots healthy and helps in growing of new hair. Our herbal oils help in relaxing and relieving headache.

  • Vanya Hibiscus Hair Oil (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    The conditioning and cooling effects of this oil reduces dandruff. Best done in summers.

  • Ayurvedic Hair Oil Massage (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    Reduces hair fall and gives freedom from headaches. The amla, mulethi and chandan in this ayurvedic oil are good for all seasons.

  • Apricot Hair Oil Massage (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    This mildly scented massage improves hair texture and also promotes growth. It is also an excellent substitute for almond oil.

Vanya Hand And Foot Care

  • Soothing Spa Foot Reflexology (Duration: 30 Minutes)
    A foot massage will help melt away the day’s stress. Holistic healing is done through the feet by pressing the referral points, using therapies like acupressure. In the east, foot massage is not only practiced on adults but on children as well.

  • Soothing Spa Hand Massages (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    Hands that work should be rewarded with a hand massage. A hand massage increases the energy flow and vitality in our hands.

  • Manicure / Pedicure
    Our range of manicures and pedicures include the following:

    1. Regular
    2. French
    3. Fresh Apricot & Oats
    4. Chocolate

Vanya Salon Services

  • Hair Care

    1. Henna for short hair
    2. Henna for long hair
    3. Ayurvedic Hair Oil Massage
    4. Vanya Hair Oil Massage
    5. Apricot Hair Oil Massage (100% natural)
    6. Voluminising Hair Pack for short hair
    7. Voluminising Hair Pack for long hair
  • Hair Cut

    1. Trim
    2. Blow-dry for short hair
    3. Blow-dry for medium – long hair
    4. Roller set
    5. Juda/French Roll etc
    6. Hair Ironing short – long
  • Scalp Services – (30 minutes)

    1. Hibuscus leaf treatment for Dry, Thin and Dull Hair
    2. Apricot oil scalp massage for strength and shine
    3. Amla hair oil scalp massage
  • Bleach

    1. Face Bleach
    2. Jolen
    3. Fem
    4. Oxy
    5. Fresh Fruit Bleach
    6. Body Bleach
  • Threading

    1. Eye Brow
    2. Upper Lip
    3. Chin
    4. Full Face
  • Waxing

    1. Half Arms
    2. Half Legs
    3. Full Arms
    4. Full Legs
    5. Full Face
    6. Waxing Brazilian
    7. Wax Full
    8. Full Body
    9. Bikini Wax
    10. Under Arms
    11. Upper Lip
  • Manicure / Pedicur
    Our range of manicures and pedicures include the following:

    1. Regular
    2. French
    3. Fresh Apricot, Oats and peppermint
    4. Chocolate

Vanya Kids Spa

Kid’s Spa Therapies – Age 4 yrs to 14 yrs

  • Natural Body Scrubs (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    This “Ubtan” cleanses, nourishes and exfoliates. It polishes the body and reduces tanning too. It includes face cleansing also.

  • Fresh Fruit Scrub (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    Our massage therapist will choose a delicious blend of fresh singular or assorted fruits to smoothen and soften your child’s skin further. Fruit acids refines skin’s texture by helping to slough away dead cells.

  • Champs Massage (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    Pure and natural oil used. The massages offered for these little champs are created from fruits, fruit extracts, vegetables, milk, natural oils etc which leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.

  • Champs Manicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    Nail care and lots of fun polishes.

  • Champs Pedicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)
    Rub-a-dub-dub, two little feet in our tub.

Vanya Makeovers

Vanya is a source for professional make-up and hair styling service for all occasions, which we offer at competitive rates. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a mandatory procedure undertaken before make-up. This is done with our pure Herbal products.

  • Bridal
  • Party
  • Light
  • Corporate

Business Type

  • Mobile Spa and Salon
  • Spa and Training Centre
  • Natural Herbal Products

Vanya Spa, New Delhi
A-33, Village Saidulahjab, MB Road, Opp D-Block, Saket, New Delhi-110 030
Landline: 011 – 46025621
Mobile: 9871440650, 9911491506

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