Truth About Spa Nudity

Truth About Spa Nudity — Spa nudity is a big issue for first-time spa-goers. They’re usually anxious about taking their clothes off for a massage – by a stranger! Here’s the real story with spa nudity, and how to stay within your comfort zone.

Spa Nudity

  • You generally change into a robe and slippers in the locker room. Sometimes there are private changing rooms. At some day spas you might take your clothes off in the treatment room and slip under the sheet.
  • Resort spas generally have steam, sauna, and hot tubs in separate men and women’s changing areas. You can go nude, wrap yourself in a towel, or wear a swimsuit.
  • While you’re in the lounge, be aware of whether the robe completely covers you and be considerate of other guests. Large men, especially, need to be careful about how they’re sitting.
  • The massage therapist usually picks you up in a waiting area, takes you to the treatment room then leaves. This gives you time to hang up and your robe and slip between the sheet or towel. The therapist will always knock before entering.
  • Generally you are nude during the massage, but always covered with sheets. Only the body part being massaged is exposed. The therapist holds the sheet so you’re covered when you turn over.
  • You can wear underwear if you’re uncomfortable with spa nudity.
  • European spas, like the spas in Germany are more relaxed about spa nudity. They don’t use elaborate draping techniques, and men and women typically take steam and sauna baths together, nude.
  • There are styles of massage like Thai Massage or reflexology where you stay fully clothed. If you’re uncomfortable with spa nudity, ask about those.
  • Facials are another good option if you’re uneasy about spa nudity. You can keep your robe on. Even if you take it off, the esthetician is only touching your head, arms, shoulders and possibly feet.
  • Think twice about getting a body treatment like a salt glow or a Vichy shower if you’re uncomfortable with spa nudity. You are more likely to be exposed at some point.
  • Most spas offer disposable panties for the body treatment. Sometimes they’re optional, and sometimes the spa requests you wear them.
  • Spas may request you wear a swimsuit or disposable briefs during hydrotherapy treatments. (This is especially true with men.) Women are often allowed to choose, but you have to be comfortable with the idea that the therapist will see everything.

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