Elmwood Spa, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elmwood Spa, Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Elmwood Spa, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaVoted ‘Favourite Day Spa’ in the SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards, Elmwood Spa is an urban spa destination that caters to women and men who want stress relief and relaxation in a serene atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to gather with friends, to celebrate life’s milestones, reconnect with a loved one, or to turn to as your very own destination for stress relief and self-renewal.

Elmwood Spa is located in one of Toronto’s historic landmark buildings at 18 Elm Street in the heart of downtown.

A multi-million dollar renewal has transformed our facility into a well appointed oasis dedicated to your health and well-being – with four spacious floors of treatment and renewal options for every season, for every reason there is to spa.

Whether you come to the spa to ensure that you always look your very best, or your visit is more about stress relief and survival in a busy world, Elmwood Spa is an ideal place to spend a few hours for self renewal.

Two restaurants, a juice bar, 34 treatment rooms, new change rooms with expanded amenities, and water therapies, including swimming pool, whirlpool and steam rooms, provide comfort, convenience and flexibility to cater to demanding schedules. Guests can be rejuvenated from head to toe.

Spa Packages – Toronto: Retreating is not Running Away

Love the city but want to escape with a luxurious spa package? Toronto has Elmwood Spa — Canada’s Favourite Urban Oasis. Enjoy your spa package in the relaxing ambiance of our landmark Toronto historic building, with four floors of aesthetic and massage services, Water Therapies™ (swimming pool, steam room and whirlpool), quiet relaxation lounges and two restaurants serving healthy and delicious cuisine. From an Elmwood Escape to an Energizing Retreat, there are a variety of relaxing Elmwood Spa Packages and Spa Retreats in our downtown Toronto oasis to choose from.

Looking to escape from the stresses of urban living, sneak away for some nurturing, or give the gift of renewal to someone who deserves it? No need to run away from the city to enjoy luxurious spa packages. Toronto has Elmwood Spa—an urban oasis right here close to home.

To take full advantage of spa packages, Toronto residents and visitors may want to plan to arrive early and slip into the steam room, soak in the whirlpool, or do a few laps of the pool. Enjoying Water Therapies is the perfect way to acclimatize yourself to the spa and to prepare your body to accept the benefits of the treatments you’ll receive.

The rejuvenating properties of tea have been designed right into our spa packages, because tea hydrates and is power-packed with antioxidants, and because the ingredients in each ElmLine tea have been specially chosen and blended to support a particular experience and outcome. We serve tea that will help prolong the benefits and key sensory elements of your time at our Toronto urban destination day spa.

Retreats include Water Therapies: use of whirlpool, swimming pool, and steam rooms. Services and items to take home cannot be substituted within a package. Massages included in Packages or Series are not discounted by the Registered Massage Therapist.

  • Elmwood Spa, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaElmwood Escape
  • Serenity Retreat
  • Energizing Retreat
  • Revival Retreat
  • Purifying Retreat
  • Decadent Retreat
  • Kashmir Suite Retreat
  • A Year at the Spa
  • Life Experiences Package
  • Spa Train Package
  • Twice as Nice – Couples Spa Retreat packages
  • Women’s Core Essentials Package
  • Spa for Men – Packages
  • Toronto Spa Packages with the Delta Chelsea Hotel

Spa Gift Cards: Gift Giving Made Easy

What better way to reward the special people in your life than to give them the gift of relaxation with Elmwood Spa Gift Cards. Our Spa Gift Cards are available for individual spa services chosen à la carte from our services menu, or your choice of Spa Retreat Packages. You can also give the gift of a dollar value Spa Gift Card providing the recipient of your great gift idea a range of service options to choose from.

Elmwood Spa Gift Cards are an excellent way to reward and recognize someone special. Whether you’re acknowledging a job well done or giving someone some much needed time away, this unique gift of relaxation is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettably wonderful experience.

Spa Facials – Toronto: Choose to Put Your Best Face Forward

More than just beauty treatments, Elmwood Spa facials are recommended by our aestheticians dependent upon your skin type and skin condition. Aestheticians providing Elmwood Spa facials also take into consideration environmental factors people are exposed to living in Toronto and other urban environments, sun exposure and weather (such as the hot and cold extremes of Toronto’s changing seasons) as well as lifestyle factors such as diet, sleeping habits, medication use, alcohol consumption, aging and stress. That is why each of our spa facials include a consultation by our Spa Care Experts™ to ensure you have the very best facial for you, based on all of these factors affecting healthy skin.

Our Spa Facials support the skin’s natural functions to promote regeneration, stimulate repair and restore balance levels. Each of our Spa Facials includes a personal consultation with a Spa Care Expert™ who will ensure you get the treatment best suited to your needs. Spa Facials at our Toronto spa take into consideration your skin type and any skin conditions you might have.

Skin Conditions are factors that are treatable and brought on by environmental factors including living in Toronto and other urban areas. Other influences can include our lifestyles, sun exposure, hormonal conditions, aging, and genetics. While we can’t avoid these factors, spa facials can help us to care for our skin.

Elmwood Spa, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
18 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1G7, Canada
(East of Bay Street, South of Gerrard Street)
Phone: 416-977-6751
Toll free: 1-877-284-6348
Email: spa@elmwoodspa.com
Website: www.elmwoodspa.com

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