Famous English Quotes on Tobacco

Famous English Quotes on Tobacco For Students

Famous English Quotes on Tobacco For Students And Children

  • I always try to tell a good story, one with a compelling plot that will keep the pages turning. That is my first and primary goal. Sometimes I can tackle an issue-homelessness, tobacco litigation, insurance fraud, the death penalty – and wrap a good story around it. ~ John Grisham
  • I was an organizer in the Food, Agricultural and Tobacco Workers Union down in North Carolina. ~ Al Lewis
  • As I grew older, farms in Kentucky provided me with many jobs in hauling hay and in cutting tobacco. In addition to helping fund my college years, these jobs helped me to meet an array of very interesting and amazing men and women. ~ Robert H. Grubbs
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs are legal, but they can hurt a lot of people. ~ Ziggy Marley
  • I learned early to drink beer, wine and whiskey. And I think I was about 5 when I first chewed tobacco. ~ Babe Ruth
  • I don’t know how it started but someone must have noticed I was always chewing tobacco or smoking a pipe. ~ Hank Sauer
  • Every proper exertion has been made and will be continued to carry out the wishes of Congress in relation to the tobacco trade, as indicated in the several resolutions of the House of Representatives and the legislation of the two branches. ~ Martin Van Buren
  • Neither do thou lust after that tawny weed tobacco. ~ Ben Jonson
  • Tobacco is America’s greatest gift to the world! ~ David Hockney
  • Those who use tobacco, tea and coffee should lay these idols aside, and put their cost into the treasury of the Lord. ~ Ellen G. White
  • Tobacco is the only industry that produces products to make huge profits and at the same time damage the health and kill their consumers. ~ Margaret Chan
  • The expansion of tobacco cessation centers is an important part of our historic and continuing effort to help smokers quit. The expansion of these centers will give even more New Yorkers the help they need to quit once and for all. ~ George Pataki
  • A lot of people in my life are getting sick or potentially going to get sick from tobacco. ~ Jeremy London
  • Sure, it is apparent that presidents are looking at polls, but they are also stepping up on issues. President Clinton stepped up on tobacco. He shaped the polls on the tobacco issue. ~ Donna Shalala
  • Men even contract the dirty, filthy habit of chewing tobacco, and when the habit gets a good hold upon them they are never satisfied except when they have a wad of the stuff in their mouth. So with drinking. It is largely a habit. ~ Thomas Jordan Jarvis
  • Every time I come to the States, I wish people would react to war like they react to tobacco, for example. Because war really kills in a second lots of people, thousands of people. ~ Diego Luna
  • My grandparents back in Kentucky owned a tobacco farm. So, to make money in the summer, we could cut and chop and top and house and strip the tobacco. ~ George Clooney
  • Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that weaken the body’s immune system, making it more susceptible to disease and handicapping its ability to destroy cancer cells. ~ Michael Greger
  • Tobacco marketing often reaches children and youth and entices them to start using tobacco while they are still at an impressionable age. Nearly four out of five high school cigarette smokers will become adult smokers, even if they intend to quit in a few years. By the time they want to quit, they’re hooked. ~ Tom Frieden
  • Being smarter gives you a tailwind throughout life. People who are more intelligent earn more, live longer, get divorced less, are less likely to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco, and their children live longer. ~ Steven Pinker

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