Andy The Armadillo


Andy was an armadillo,
He really was a funny fellow!
As he waddled down the path,
He made his friends look up and laugh.

“This weather’s hot, it makes me pant,
When I have to catch an ant.
If only I could leave my armour,
I’d feel cool, and so much calmer.”

“Perhaps you think you’d look all right,
But you’re sure to look a funny sight.
Besides, armour really can be handy,”
They all said to poor old Andy.

“Suppose you’re right,” old Andy said,
Before the pottered off to bed.
“For I need never have a fight,
If inside my armour I curl up right!”

∼ Porter G., Hilda Offen, Pradera, Esme Eve, Alan Jesset, Richard Hooke

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