Pet Adoption Tips

Pets make wonderful companion and give us unconditional love. But bringing up pets is not an easy task. It requires lot of time, energy, willingness and money on your part. Before adopting a pet consider these things so that you do not have to repent your decision later.

Some basic things to follow before the adoption of a pet:

  • Raising a pet is a costly affair. Be sure about how much you can afford. Some of the basic expenses relating to different pets are:

    • Amphibians, reptiles, and fish: Aquarium, filter, heater, plants etc.

    • Birds and rodents: Cage, bedding or cage liner, dishes, toys etc.

    • Dogs and cats: License, collar, leash, brush, toys, dishes, bed etc.

  • The other cost heads that are common to all the pet are;

    • Food

    • Bedding

    • Litter

    • Grooming or grooming supplies

    • Regular well-pet veterinary care

    • Sick, trauma, or emergency veterinary care

    • Vaccinations and other medical care as needed

    • You need time and energy to feed, clean or groom, handle, train, exercise, and take your pet to the veterinarian regularly. Time requirement of each pet varies.

      • Amphibians, reptiles, and fish: 10 minutes per day, plus 3 hours every few weeks.

      • Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice: 30 minutes per day

      • Cats and birds: 30 to 60 minutes per day

      • Dogs: More than one hour per day.

    • Your pet also needs some space. Make sure that you have adequate space at your home to accommodate a new member.

    • Adopt a healthy pet, which is not suffering from any deadly disease. Before adoption get your pet examined by a veterinarian and get your pet vaccinated against deadly diseases.

    • Get your pet spayed or neutered immediately after adoption.

    • Adopt the pet from an authorized center/agency and complete all the legal formalities required.

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