Kitten Care

Kitten CareKitten Care — Before bringing your kitten home have a bed ready for it. Use a cardboard or wooden box raised off the floor in a draught-free corner of the room. In cold weather, put a hot water bottle under the soft blanket bedding. This will help kitty to feel less strange and lonely away from its mother.

Never shout at or chase a kitten a loud noises will frighten it and make it nervous and bad tempered. Never pick it up by the scruff of its neck, but put one hand under the chest while supporting its hindquarters with the other.

Your kitten will also need a sanitary tray. A plastic washing-up bowl will do. Place a layer of saw-dust, or cat litter in the bottom and stand the bowl on a sheet of newspaper by the kitten’s bed.

First thing in the morning, and after every meal, lift the kitten into the bowl until it goes there by itself. As it grows older (and if you have a garden) it will come to prefer an outdoor lavatory.

A dish and a bowl for drinking water must be kept for the kitten’s use alone and a soft brush and comb will make grooming easy and enjoyable for the kitten.

Don’t forget some simple toys, such as cotton reels or ping-pong balls, or even a piece of paper on a string.

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