Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming TipsEvery owner would want his/her dog to smell fresh, look clean, have a sparkling teeth and soft, shiny coat. All these needs can be fulfilled with proper grooming. Like your children, your pet also needs to be pampered with shampooing and the grooming of its coat. Neatness of the pet reflects its good health. Moreover, it feels comfortable, more active and energetic, when it is kept spick and span. Here in this article, we have provided some grooming tips that will help you keep your dog healthy and neat as a new pin!

Grooming Your Dog

Brush The Coat

Brushing the coat of the dog is the most intensive part of the grooming session. Brush the coat of your dog on a regular basis, to remove dirt. Brushing also spreads the natural oils throughout the coat, apart from detangling the hair and keeping the skin clean and free of irritation. Always apply gentle strokes. In case your dog resists brushing, reward him with treats and plenty of praise, so that you accomplish the task without much of a hassle.

Trim The Nails

Trim the nails of your dog once a month. You may trim down the nails using scissors, but clippers (designed specifically for dogs) are always better for the pet. Ensure that you do not trim the nails deep into the quick, because it may lead to the bleeding of blood. In case of an accidental injury, treat the wound by dusting the area with a blood-clotting powder. If the wound doesn’t heal after a few days, consult a veterinary doctor.

Clean The Ears

Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears is essential, in order to prevent permanent impairment of hearing ability and infections. Make sure that the skin in the inner portion of the ears as well as the flaps is pale pink in color otherwise clean the canals of your pet’s ears using a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil or warm water. However, for cleaning deep inside the ears, you need to take your pet to a veterinary doctor, at least twice a month.

Brush The Teeth

Brush the teeth of your dog, using a pet toothpaste, at least twice a week. Make use of a small toothbrush with soft bristles for the purpose. Ensure that your dog actually enjoys the process of brushing the teeth, so that the whole experience doesn’t become one that the pet dreads. Purchase a flavored dog toothpaste. Chicken flavored toothpaste would be the best bet, because your pet would be allured by its smell and taste.

Bathe Your Dog

A messy process though, bathing your dog is very important, to keep it clean. Bathe your dog in a clean, warm environment outdoors, in your backyard. Equip yourself with all the supplies needed for bathing it, including dog shampoo, towels, brush and water. Keep bathing toys by your side, so that your dog’s attention is drawn towards the toy. Be sure that the shampoo or its froth doesn’t enter your dog’s eyes, mouth and ears. Be gentle in bathing your dog, because doing it haphazardly might trigger panic in your pet. Dry your dog with a clean towel after bathing.

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