Cat Adoption

Cat AdoptionCats are wonderful companions. When a strong bond is created, they would behave just like a family member, sharing joys and sorrows in return of which, they would give you unconditional love. It is a delightful experience for a pet owner, to dedicate all the leisure time to the wonderful pets – cats. For the people who do not have any pet of their own, adopting a cat will be a nice idea, because the animal is one of the best to be with. For adopting a cat formally, you should follow some rules and regulations. Given below is complete information on adopting a cat.

How To Adopt A Cat

  • Make sure you have adequate space in your home to accommodate a pet.

  • Get information about the different breeds of cats. Some breeds are docile, while others are more active. Likewise, some breeds are more likely to cause allergy than others are. Adopt a cat as per your requirement.

  • Make sure that you are prepared financially and emotionally to adopt a cat.

  • Consult your family members before adopting the pet, to ensure that they are willing to add a ‘member’ to the family.

  • Decide whether you want a long haired or a short haired cat. This is because, a long haired cat needs more grooming, while it’s short haired counterpart would need less grooming.

  • The gender of the cat can also make a huge difference. For instance, a male cat is usually very comfortable and friendly with his owner, whereas a female will be more cautious.

  • Consult an authorized center or agency to adopt the cat. That way, you will ensure that all the legal formalities are completed within time and the adoption is carried on in a hassle free way.

  • Cat allergy is prevalent in the present time. A wrong choice of the breed of the pet can lead to allergy. Therefore, consult a veterinarian to arrive at the right choice.

  • After you have completed all the formalities, get the cat thoroughly examined by an experienced veterinarian before the adoption, to ensure that the cat is healthy.

  • The cat should be vaccinated for Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, and Calici Virus. It should be tested negative for Feline Leukemia and should be given a topical treatment for fleas and ticks.

  • The cat should be spayed or neutered before adoption, in case you do not want the pet to reproduce anymore.

  • Try calling the cat by its name. This would help you determine its alertness and responsiveness. A physically sound cat is alert, active and responsive.

  • Once you are done with the adoption, bring your cat to home and get ready to spend joyous time with it!

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