What Causes Bedwetting Among Children

Bed WettingBedwetting is a common problem among children. In certain cases the problem persists even after the child is 10 to 12 years old. The reasons for bedwetting can be attributed to many factors.

  • Hereditary — Research has found increasing tendency of this problem among children of parents who faced a similar problem in their childhood.

  • Psychological factors — Children who suffer from psychological disorders, which could be caused by a death in the family, constant arguments between parents, parents’ divorce, lack of proper attention or a feeling of loneliness.

  • Fear — A scary dream or a frightening experience like a horror movie or a ghost story could also lead to bedwetting.

Good Night SleepExperts feel that understanding the origin of the problem could solve it. Parents should try not to scold or humiliate the child. If he is grown up, he would already be quite ashamed of himself. Scolding him will only aggravate the problem. Parents should remember to not disclose the problem among friends or relatives or even with the child’s siblings.

What to do

  • Reassure the child — A child who wets his bed needs your support. He should be reassured that his problem is temporary and that it isn’t an abnormality. Parents should refrain from comparing him with others who do not have the problem. That will only add to the problem as it will lower his self-esteem. Take the child into confidence and comfort him.

  • Avoid liquids just before bed-time — The child should not be given any liquids like coffee, colas or excessive water before bed time. make him urinate just before he goes to bed and take him to the loo after three to four hours to empty his bladder. Once it becomes a regular practice, the child will automatically get up and go to toilet.

  • Sleeping With TeddyDetermination — Ask the child to be determined that he should not wet his bed at night. Psychiatrists have found this method very useful in handling cases of bedwetting.

  • Proper sleep — Parents should make sure the child is getting enough sleep. It has also been found that exhaustion could add to the problem.

  • Psychological problem — Sometimes the problem of bedwetting is also associated with behavioural patterns. Psychological or medical disorders may contribute to the problem. In such a case, your child needs treatment.

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