The Spontaneous Party

A long weekend, no birthdays coming up, bored children jumping with nervous energy. Does this sound familiar? No reason for you to be stuck in the rut, here’s how you can have a blast with your children at home. The best part about organising these activities is that it helps you realise your child’s varied interests and potential.

Therefore, if a generous amount of creativity can be thrown into each aspect – be it deciding on a party or an activity, implementing it and then its final outcome, it would set your child’s creative juices working.

Think theme

There are dozens of themes you could choose from – ranging from the jungle to pool to the circus. But be sure to pick a theme that is appropriate for the age of your child so that he can truly enjoy himself.

You could have a summer fish theme party. Send out fish-shaped invitations. You could serve fish-shaped sandwiches, goldfish biscuits, custard and jelly and so on for lunch. If you don’t want to serve lunch, you could just serve pizzas and an imaginative aqua colour drink for a snack.

Frenetic activity

To keep the children suitably occupied for arts and crafts, you could decorate fish cutouts with markers, paint or glue, sequins and glitter. For an activity, you could have a wading pool in the back yard with fishing poles and ‘fish’ to catch. Do anything that is fishy!

You could even stage a play. It will unleash your child’s theatrical abilities and also help him gain confidence in front of his peers as well as adults.

A community affair

If you are involved in a playgroup or your school-age child has a close group of friends, a theme could be chosen and tasks assigned to each parent to include food, crafts and activities. If you do not want to have the party at a house, you could select a local park.

You could then coordinate a ‘field trip’ later in the week that is related to the theme. The kids would have a great time and one parent would not have to throw an entire party alone. It is a great way of getting to know your neighbors, parents of other children and thereby making some good friends of your own.

Bonds that bind

These parties are a great way to bond with your children. Life is so hectic and fast-paced that you need to take out time and think of innovative ways of spending quality time with your children. Laughing, sharing and experiencing the same activity will help to bring the family together. It unleashes the child in you and you are able to emphathise with your child.

So now you know you don’t always have to wait for a special occasion. Having fun is as good a reason as any to throw a party.

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