Super Parenting Vs Balanced Parenting

Super Parenting Vs Balanced Parenting

ParentingAll of us are operating in an increasingly competitive, efficiency-driven atmosphere. While being a super employees or a super boss may have its rewards, but when it comes to parenting, is being a super parent really good for either ourselves or our children?

  • Super parents often end up over-fulfilling the child’s needs. It is like over-watering and over-fertilizing a plant in the enthusiasm to be a super-gardener. One ends up rotting the plant.
  • Super parenting translates into over-protectiveness and over-concern. This can lead to children becoming too dependent on the parents. They lose their sense of adventure and initiative.
  • Super parents can also become over interfering. They take over their children’s life. As a result the decision making ability and self-confidence of the child suffers.
  • Super parents can also go in for either over-discipline or for over-friendliness. This can result in the child being either too timid or in not recognizing any authority or control.
  • The answer lies not in Super Parenting, but in Balanced Parenting, where freedom and discipline are in equilibrium. Balanced Parenting has the right proportions of careful nurturing and natural growth.
  • Balanced Parents protect and monitor the child and yet allow her the freedom to explore, experiment and experience. She learns to take risks and face challenges and yet has the confidence that her parents are always their to support her.
All that Super Parents are really trying to do is to prove to themselves and to the world that they are doing a better job than everybody else. Parenting is not an exam, it’s an experience to be enjoyed and savoured. What is the point of creating so much strain and anxiety when the results are negative. Be Balanced Parents. Become parents who enjoy parenting.

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