Post Adoption Depression Syndrome

As pre-adoptive parents, many couples deal with infertility and the long stretched-out process of adoption. Once the process gets completed, they finally reap the sweet fruit of their patience and get their baby and suddenly become parents to a tiny, squirming, little one. They suddenly feel complete and full of amazement and happiness. But then panic and anxiety find their way into their hearts after three or four weeks of adoption. They start feeling inadequate to bear the responsibility of the child and may even go into depression.

This is what termed as Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome, (PADS) or simply Post Adoption Depression. It is similar to post-partum blues. Suddenly after achieving parenthood, one of the life’s biggest goals of many adoptive families, they feel ‘let down’. People who are insensitive may contribute to your depression by asking questions about your infertility and reasons for adoption. Adoptive parents who are in touch of birth moms may feel guilty about the grieving mother or there may be legal uncertainties, unresolved birth father issues and rights, increased expenses, newly disclosed health and background information about the child that may enhance post adoptive stress.

Fears about the unexpected costs and newly disclosed health and background information can also trigger stress and fears. Besides there are usual stress as new parents such as the addition of a new family member, lack of sleep, increased family responsibilities and limited paid maternity leave. If you are feeling depressed after adoption, it is always advisable to seek professional help and cure it in time. You may also get some tips form our article ‘Dealing with Post Adoption Depression Syndrome (PADS)’.

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