Parental Control Software Reviews

Parental Control Software Reviews

Best Parental Control Software — Most online review websites provide reviews and recommendations based on one, most important fact: Their highest recommendation often goes to the software company that also pays them the most for your sale. If you have ever seen the same annual awards appear on a multiple of vendor websites, then you understand what we mean.

Best Parental Control Reviews is different in that we don’t make any recommendations, and leave that important family decision up to you. However, we take great pride in providing you with valuable information so you can compare and choose the best Internet security option that is right for you, and at a price that best fits into your budget.

How to Find the Best Parental Controls for Your Family

Best Parental Control SoftwareWhen searching for a parental control software program for your family, it is best to take into account the specific needs of your family. it might be a good idea for you to review the parental control features before you review the software programs. Other visitors have found it helpful to know what their needs are before they compare programs.

You should also take into account the ages of your children, how often they will be on the Internet, and what type of Internet usage they need. Parental controls vary by each program. Some may allow for a full monitoring, including chat and IMs, while others may block only certain sites. We have included parental control software reviews of each type of parental control software, so that you may compare and match your needs to the appropriate parental controls application.

KidsWatch — KidsWatch contains more features than any other type of parental controls program. It includes an application that allows you to set specific time controls, as well as blocking any website you do not wish your child to visit. This software gives you the option of setting specific log-out times and allows you to customize these by child. It also has the additional features of predator alerts, as well as the ability to monitor all email and chat. It can be operated remotely, for additional security, when you have to be away from home.

WebWatcher — WebWatcher is a keystroke monitoring program. It allows you to monitor every word typed into the computer. In addition, you can also read each email your children both send and receive, block access to websites, block file-to-file sharing, gain access to screenshots of your children’s Internet usage. WebWatcher does not contain time-limit controls.

Spector Pro — Spector Pro monitors keystrokes, allows for video playback of Internet activity, records social network activity, and makes copies of chats and IMs. It also allows you to block websites you do not want your children to visit. Spector Pro does not allow you to set time limits on the computer, nor does it allow for web filtering. It has about half the features of KidsWatch for almost double the price.

SpyAgent — SpyAgent does not allow for the setting of specific time controls, however, it does allow for the scheduling of lock-down hours such as meals, homework time, and bedtime. SpyAgent can monitor chat conversations from both sides and allows for Internet blocking and web filtering. It also contains keystroke logging features and remote access.

IAmBigBrother — IAmBigBrother is a good control program for those who don’t have a lot of cash to spend. it is inexpensive and does a good job for the money. It does allow parents the ability monitor all websites visited by children and allows for the monitoring of social network sites and IMs and chat. For this parental control review, IAmBigBrother rates high in affordability, however, it is missing key features. It does not allow for the blockage of particular sites. For some reason, this software is missing a blocking feature. Also, if your children know how to delete their search engine history, it will not be able to capture and record the search engine information.

Nature Health Children’s Care — In terms of parental control software reviews, Nature Health Children’s Care is best suited for smaller children. it uses cute cartoon icons to remind children to take a break from the pc, to use proper posture, and to be sure and drink water. It does allow for time limit controls and chat monitoring. It does not keystroke log, block Internet sites, or web filter. For these reasons, it should be rated high for smaller children under the age of six, but it should not be used with older children who have the ability to surf the Internet.

CyberSitter — CyberSitter also works well for younger children, but among leading parental control reviews, it is not recommended for teens. While CyberSitter will allow for Internet blocking, web filtering, and chat monitoring, it does not permit the blocking of downloads.

Net Nanny — In a parental control review, Net Nanny came in just behind KidsWatch. Net Nanny contains all the features found in the top-rated software with the exception of predator alerts. Net Nanny also does not contain a 100% guarantee. However, if you need to save a little bit of money, it can be a very useful tool.

CyberPatrol — Basically, CyberPatrol blocks Internet sites. It also has a time restriction. However, it does not allow for chat, email, or IM blocking, nor does it filter web content. If all you want to do is block certain sites from your computer, then this is the software for you.

SocialShield — SocialShield is a different type of software. SocialShield was created to simply monitor you children’s behavior on social networking sites. It can search all databases to see if photos of your child have been uploaded and it can look for words that raise red flag such as drug, alcohol, and sex terms. However, your children will know it is running, as there is no stealth mode.

PC Tattletale — PC Tattletale blocks and filters Internet and web content. It does not prevent downloads nor does it have time limit controls. PC Tattletale ranks high in parental control reviews.

Time Sheriff — Exactly as it’s name implies, Time Sheriff is a software program designed to limit the amount of time children spend on the computer.

SniperSpy — SniperSpy merely monitors the websites your children visit. It does not allow for blocking or filtering. SniperSpy secretly attaches itself, so your children will never know it is being run. It’s advanced features are able to monitor every site visited, even those visited via a proxy address.

SentryPC — SentryPC blocks and filters websites. It has the capability to do everything except download blocking and predator alerts. SentryPC can be installed remotely and features stealth running.

Online Family — Online Family is unique in that it allows children to give feedback and explain why they need access to certain sites. Online Family does not allow for download blocking, predator alerts, and keystroke logging.

Safe Eyes — Safe Eyes allows for both Internet and web blocking and filtering. It does not allow for the blocking of downloads, with the exception of iTunes. Considering the low cost, and relatively inexpensive ading of additional licenses, Safe Eyes is recommended for families with multiple children on multiple computers.

K9 Parental Control — K9 Parental Control features one of the most up-to-date programs for filtering out new web content as it is posted on the Internet. K9 Parental Control also uses less storage space than many of the other programs.

Silent Loggger — Just as the name implies, Silent Logger allows for the silent logging of all keystrokes on the computer. It has the ability to detect usernames and passwords you may not even be aware your children have.

PureSight — PureSight falls in the mid-range price of other parental control programs. PureSight has the ability to block, filter, and limit time spent on the computer. PureSight does not allow for predator alerts.

Family Protection — Designed by McAfee, Family Protection limits time and blocks Internet sites and filters web content. However, it does not allow for predator alerts, keystroke logging, nor can it be operated remotely.

Windows 7 — Windows 7 comes free with Windows 7 and Vista. It can block websites and it filters web content, but that is about all this particular freeware program does. It does have the added bonus of limiting time spent online.

PC Pandora — PC Pandora operates in live mode, so you will know what your children are viewing as they view it. PC Pandora does not contain time limit capabilities nor does it prevent downloads or allow for predator alerts. However, if you wish to know what your children are accessing as they access it, this is the software for you.

CyberFence — CyberFence is the top-rated software for operatig remotely. It does not have predator alerts nor does it block downloads. However, CyberFence can be checked remotely via a mobile phone.

Bsecure — Bsecure is a complete package and one of three control applications that offers predator alerts. Bsecure does not have keystroke logging capabilities, but makes up for it with the remote access features and website filtering applications. It is also one of the three programs that allows for blocking and filtering by age.

SafeGuard — Designed by the makers of McGruff, SafeGuard also features predator alerts, blocks and filters content, and imposes time limits. It is more expensive than many other parental control programs, but it is the only program that was created with the input of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Optenert PC — Optenert blocks Internet access to sites, filters web sites, and imposes time limits. While it does not allow for predator alerts, remote access, or download blocking, Optenert is the only multi-lingual software that allows itself to be set to English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

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