Maternity Clothes And Shoes

Maternity Clothes And ShoesSo you’re three months into pregnancy and it’s finally beginning to show. It’s time to step up those changes in your lifestyle that you began when you first came to know. Begin with the clothes. No more tight jeans and figure-hugging churidar kurtas but loose stuff that can accommodate your growing body and give it space to breathe. And no, you don’t necessarily have to be unfashionable by wearing maternity clothes. A lot of designers are into maternity collections these days. And remember, the loose clothes are for a few months.

  • You prefer the westernised look? Go for big overalls or simple sleeveless dresses two sizes too big. A relatively loose, straight cut in cotton is not only fashionable, but also comfortable.

  • Nothing beats the loose kurta pyjama when it comes to comfort. Buy a few colourful and large-sized kurtas (preferrably in cotton) and team these up with pyjamas from your wardrobe. You could mix and match them anytime you want, and with the help of dupattas, appear to wear a new look.

  • The sari is a great garment for formal occasions and even otherwise, if you can confidently handle the six yards of material. Actually, the sari’s ability to hide the bulges and be comfortable makes it the most preferred form of clothing by many Indian women, even today. But as has been said before, it’s better to familiarise yourself with it, first. If you’re not used to wearing a sari, you could trip over the folds. In that case, it’s better to get some formal salwar suits, loose and comfortable, with nice heavy dupattas that you can cover your tummy with.

  • If you are pregnant during the cold months, keep yourself as warm as possible, to the extent of wearing an extra layer of clothing. It’s better to feel more warm than usual, than to run the risk of catching a cold. Wear two sets of socks, one of which is woollen, while going out.

  • The pregnant woman needs to be careful about her footwear too. Her feet too swell up along with the rest of her body and it is advisable to shop for new shoes. Wear floater-type shoes, or big open shoes with straps, or moccasins, and hawai-chappals at home. Avoid heels at any cost. You could use a thick padding on the soles of your shoes and sandals to cushion your feet.

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